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F.A.Q. (Mac)

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 "out of memory" error on incoming phone calls on S60 E-Series phones

Due to what we believe is a firmware issue in some E-series phones, you may get an "out of memory" error from the phone application, if Salling Clicker is connected to your computer. We've confirmed that upgrading the phone's firmware to revision 3 (e.g. 3.0633.09.04 for Nokia E70) fixes this problem. Meanwhile, we're investigating ways to work around the problem on phones that run the old/problematic firmware.

 "Connect with Bluetooth" silently fails if Bluetooth is "off" on S60

Check to make sure Bluetooth is "on" on your phone. Some devices will automatically offer to turn Bluetooth on while others will fail silently. This is due to differences in firmware behavior.

 "Certificate error" during installation on S60 E-Series phones

By default, some S60 3rd Edition (for example, Nokia Eseries) devices only allow installation of trusted, that is, Symbian Signed applications. To also allow installation of self-signed (untrusted) applications such as Salling Clicker, go to Application Manager > Options > Settings > Software Installation. Change the setting from 'Signed' to 'All', if needed.

 Client must be launched once on Symbian, Windows Mobile for incoming Bluetooth connections

You may need to manually launch Salling Clicker on the device before it'll accept Bluetooth connections from your computer. Later, it's okay to quit the client application, but it needs to be launched at least once every time you restart the device if you want your computer to be able to connect to it.

 Sony Ericsson W950 and media/presentation left/right controls

As this device lacks left/right control keys, the keys 1, 2, and 3 are used for REW, Play-Pause, and FFW, respectively. While we'd love to illuminate the multimedia indicators above these buttons, this is not something Sony Ericsson allows 3rd-parties to do.

 Birdstep's SmartRoaming for Symbian interfering with WiFi connectivity

The SmartRoaming product may interfere with Salling Clicker's ability to discover computers running Salling Clicker (over WiFi).

 F-Secure firewall for Symbian interfering with WiFi connectivity

F-Secure may interfere with Salling Clicker's ability to discover computers running Salling Clicker (over WiFi). We recommend lowering the aggressiveness of F-secure's firewall until the problems go away.

 Windows Mobile power saving shutting down WiFi connections

If your WiFi connection locks up (and eventually disconnects) if you don't touch the device for a while, you will need to change your device's power save settings. Salling Clicker does periodically send data across the connection to prevent it from being dropped but some devices are overly aggressive in saving power and do not respect our expressed interest in keeping the WiFi awake. The workaround is to either disable any "auto off" options in the Windows Mobile WiFi control panel, or to extend timeout values associated with such options.

 Some Windows Mobile devices and "computers not found" when connecting with WiFi

We've found that some types of devices have issues related to their UDP/multicast capabilities that will cause Salling Clicker to not discover computers when connecting via WiFi. The problem, which we've diagnosed as either chipset or OS kernel related, tends to "come and go". As a workaround, select to connect using your computer's IP address, bypassing the otherwise very cool auto-discovery feature.

 Salling Clicker for Mac: Poor range, disconnect issues

Apparently, some Mac Pro's may have shipped with problematic Bluetooth hardware. If you're seeing the range/disconnect problems with other Bluetooth applications or hardware accessories (keyboard, mouse) have your computer repaired.

Also, we've had reports of some Bluetooth accessories interfering with the Mac's ability to operate with other devices. One report points out the wireless Mighty Mouse as causing a Sony Ericsson M600i to have its connection dropped spontaneously; when changed to a Logitech Mouse, the problem went away.

 iTunes/huge libraries: Slow browsing of very large music libraries

The most recent version of Salling Clicker is faster than the last when it comes to browsing large music libraries, and we expect to improve on this in future releases as well. Alas, there is likely a music library large enough to cause some performance/speed problems in some functions related to browsing.

 My serial number doesn't work

Try activating again in a couple of minutes, making sure you copy the serial number exactly as given to you. It takes a couple of minutes for the purchase to register through to the activation server system.

 I get the error "Cannot find eSellerate Engine"

Contact us and we will help you out.

 May I install Salling Clicker on several computers?

You may install Salling Clicker on up to three computers if you’re the sole user of three computers (for instance, one desktop machine and one PowerBook). Activations are automatically "re-cycled", so you should normally not experience any problems when upgrading your hardware. Please do not share serial numbers.

Note: Mac and Windows licenses are sold separately.

  Salling Clicker is supposed to provide access to shared playlists, but this doesn't seem to work

Salling Clicker will only let you search and select shared playlists and radio stations that have been "loaded" by iTunes (this is an iTunes limitation)

 Proximity events don't work until I wake up my Pocket PC.

This is normal. Keeping the PDA awake to listen for incoming connections (so the computer can sense if the PDA is in proximity) would drain the battery. Some Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC devices don't have this problem.

 I cannot figure out how to install the client on my Windows Mobile device

The easiest way to install the CAB on your smartphone is to use Missing Sync. In this case, all it takes is a button-click inside Salling Clicker; Missing Sync does the rest.
If you don't have Missing Sync, make Salling Clicker copy the CAB to your Desktop. Then send the CAB to your device using Bluetooth File Exchange (/Applications/Utilities/). Once transferred, use File Explorer on your device to launch the CAB (it is usually located in "My Documents").

 I have a Sony Ericsson K750/K600/V600/W800/Z520/W550/D750 and get an error when I try to connect.

We have found an incompatibility between Apple's and Sony Ericsson's Bluetooth implementations, when some Bluetooth mice and/or keyboards are connected. The problem can be eliminated by making the Mac first connect to the phone.

 My Sony Ericsson K750/K600/V600/W800/Z520/W550/D750 cannot find my Mac.

If making sure your Mac's Bluetooth is discoverable doesn't fix the problem, shorten your Mac's computer name: System Preferences -> Sharing -> Computer Name. This will work around certain firmwares' inability to resolve long device names over Bluetooth.

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