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This synchronization application lets you take most of your personal information with you—no matter where you go—by keeping Entourage and your Sony Ericsson phone's calendar and contacts up with each other's changes.

MobileSync is able to work very quickly by transferring only the changes made on either "side" between every synchronization. Click a button, and within a couple of seconds you can be sure to have your most important contacts and calendar information handy, wherever you're headed for the rest of the day or evening.

MobileSync supports all connection options available for Sony Ericsson mobile phones, so you will be able to enjoy synchronization without having to purchase a new phone or Bluetooth equipment. Of course, MobileSync works great with Bluetooth as well.

Loss of personal information is a terrible thing. Therefore, MobileSync allows you to review the changes it will apply to both your phone and Entourage. This way, frustrating propagation of accidents can be avoided. Of course, you can set MobileSync to operate silently as well, synchronizing your phone in just a click of a button—"quiet as a mouse".

In case you don't want to synchronize all contacts and calendar events in your Entourage profile, MobileSync lets you choose which Entourage category to synchronize. Since your phone has a pretty limited memory capacity, this is useful if you have a lot of personal information in Entourage.

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Note: this application is now discontinued, as Office 2008 for Mac has changed the way 3rd-party applications can interact with Entourage.

We're making it free to use for those still on Office 2004! Use this licensing information:

Name: FREE

Serial: MSYNC10000-25A4-5E5B-D9BB-76R3-QK36

Product Requirements

Mac OS X 10.2 or greater

Microsoft Office v.X and 2004

+ Microsoft Entourage with Handheld Synchronization.

Note: Office 2008 is not supported.

Supported phone

from Sony Ericsson:
T39, R520, T65, T60d, T61d, T68, T610, T630, Z600


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