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Some of Sony Ericsson's new and upcoming phone models have a simple built-in feature that lets you remotely control your computer as if your phone was a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

This built-in feature lacks out-of-the-box support for Macintosh applications. With Salling's Remote Basics, we're filling the gap by adding controllers for iTunes, EyeTV, DVD Player, VLC, PowerPoint, and Keynote.

How is this different from Salling Clicker?

Our full-featured Bluetooth remote control product has a ton of benefits, such as:
- Search and browse for music from your phone or PDA;
- View PowerPoint slide notes from the palm of your hand;
- Have iTunes pause automatically when there's an incoming phone call;
- Control an application while it's in the background; and
- Much more!

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Product Requirements

Mac OS X 10.3.5 or later

Sony Ericsson phone K700i, K700c, or S700

Connection hardware

Either of the following:
- Bluetooth adapter
- Built-in Bluetooth



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