Salling Clicker 3.0 made’s Top 100! digs Salling Clicker 3. We’re in good company, too! Some of the other cool products awarded are Intel Core Duo, Newsgator FeedDemon, Google Earth, and Xbox 360. Many thanks to the kind folks at!

Check out the whole list here (Salling Clicker at place 86):,aid,125706,pg,13,00.asp

Meanwhile, we’re working on a follow-up version. There’s some really cool stuff in there that I’m dying to share with you when it’s ready!

3 Responses to Salling Clicker 3.0 made’s Top 100!

  1. Nadim says:


    I’ve been dying for a new version, how many more days of suffering?

  2. Pavan says:

    Yes please……. I would love to gift this to my dad. He makes so amny presentations and hes tired of his infrared clicker. All im waiting for is bluesoleil support…….

  3. Ilgaz says:

    You really earned it hard way. Congratulations.