Quick Interview with Carl-Johan Eelde at MacNytt

I had a nice chat with Carl-Johan Eelde from Swedish Mac-site MacNytt the other day. Here’s my rough translation of the interview, as it was originally posted on the MacNytt site (his questions in bold; parts of the interview specifically pertaining to Swedish customers have been edited out):

A few days ago, the remote control application Salling Clicker was updated to version 3.5. We spoke with the developer about the new version and the future.

First question. What feature in 3.5 are you most exited about?
The Wifi-support. The customers seem to like it too. I think Clicker 3.5 is a great reason to get a WiFi-enabled phone, and there’s now a bunch of models to choose from.

Clicker has been available for Windows for a while now. How’s it doing?
So far, I’ve been very pleased with how we’re doing on the Windows platform, and I have high hopes for the new version. We’re now supporting all Bluetooth stacks: Microsoft, Toshiba, IVT, and Broadcom. Without requiring configuration of COM ports. We’ve also added support for Bonjour (but we call it “zero configuration” for trademark reasons).

Can a license key for Mac be used in the Windows version?
Nope. The Windows and Mac licenses are sold separately. They can be bought in a bundle at a 25% discount, however. Quite a few customers pick up the bundle; not sure if they take the opportunity to buy for a colleague with Windows/Mac, or if they’re hardcore Boot Camp users.

How has the release of 3.5 been? Successful?
It’s gone really well. I’m happy. We’ll follow up with a number of smaller releases now.

Exciting. Bug fixes?
I’ve got a couple of new features up the sleeve. A cooler iTunes controller is in the works. It’ll be a fairly massive update to the controller, actually. Better support for podcasts, audio books, shared libraries, and more.

Sounds nice. Are you also going to support more devices?
Always. Most certainly the new Motorola RIZR Z8, based on UIQ 3.1, will be added to the support list.

What are the chances for Clicker on the iPhone?
I’m taking a wait-and-see approach to the iPhone. Without support for (real) 3rd-party applications, it’ll be difficult.

Will you be going to (Apple’s) WWDC this year?
The way things look now, no. Not this year.

Thanks for the interview, and best of luck with your business!

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