Getting Salling Clicker to autolaunch on S60 3rd Edition

One snag introduced in S60 3rd Edition is that we can no longer launch our Salling Clicker background server application automatically when the phone starts. What this means for you is that your phone cannot accept incoming Bluetooth connections from Salling Clicker on your computer, unless you’ve manually launched the Salling Clicker application on your phone at least once after restarting the phone.

The reason for this inconvenience is that platform security in Symbian 9.x prevents applications from automatically starting unless Symbian Signed. Now you might ask: why isn’t Salling Clicker Symbian Signed? The reason is that for our type of application this would be rather costly and time consuming. I’ve decided, for now at least, that Symbian Signed is not worth it.

The good news is that Wireless Labs just released a free Symbian Signed app (for S60 3rd Edition only, not UIQ3 unfortunately), PowerBoot, that lets you automatically launch any executable on your phone when the phone starts.

(Certifying freeware doesn’t cost anything, and as PowerBoot does only one thing it’s not likely Wireless Labs will need to revise it and have it re-certified in the future. For us, certifying is a more painful affair)

If you want to try this, configure PowerBoot to automatically launch E:sysbinClickerSvr.exe (change the drive letter depending on phone model and where you installed Salling Clicker). I’ve tested this with a Nokia N95, and it seems to work perfectly. Salling Clicker on my Mac can now connect to the phone after it’s been restarted without me having to launch the Salling Clicker UI client on the phone.


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