Snow Leopard compatiblity

We’ve been using Snow Leopard here at the office for quite some time now, and here’s the status on Salling’s Mac applications with respect to Snow Leopard compatibility.

Salling Media Sync (latest version) work great in Snow Leopard, with one exception. The KEXT we’re installing to enable Sony Walkman (not Sony Ericsson) devices may give an error on installation (but works fine). Also, it’s not clear whether this KEXT does what it should if you’re running the 64-bit kernel (you most likely aren’t, unless you’re tinkering or using an xServe).

Salling Clicker has some issues. Whether these prevent you from using the software depends on your usage patterns, I think. Don’t worry, though. A compatibility update is coming. To save time, we’re not going to make Salling Clicker a 64-bit executable. This means, among other things, that we no longer want to stay in System Preferences (32-bit prefPanes cause System Preferences to restart in 32-bit mode when selected, and I don’t particularly like the feel of that). So the Salling Clicker stuff you’ve traditionally seen in System Preferences will now reside in its own application (simply named “Salling Clicker”). I expect I’ll be ready to post a beta build of Salling Clicker for Snow Leopard in the forums tomorrow (August 28 2009).

That’s all for now! Thanks for listening.

2 Responses to Snow Leopard compatiblity

  1. Jose says:

    was the Salling Sync issue fixed with Snow Leopard?

    • Jonas says:

      @Jose: Not sure what issue you’re talking about. AFAIK, there were no issues in Leopard, and there are none with Snow Leopard. Perhaps email is better suited for this conversation?