Nice to meet you!

Let me introduce myself and this blog. I’m Jonas Salling, and I run Salling Software, a small software company with what I think are really cool products. In this blog, I’ll be writing about things that catch my interest and, of course, about Salling Software and its products.

Stay tuned! And welcome.

26 Responses to Nice to meet you!

  1. Love Clicker. Been using it for a while now. Can’t wait to see whatever else you come up with.

  2. El Payo says:

    Hi Jonas. Congratulations on the release of Clicker 3.0! I recently got rid of my old Sony Ericsson t68i and switched to a Motorola E398 so I can’t use Clicker anymore. Any chance you’ll add support for more phones in the future? Thanks.

  3. Salling Clicker 3

    Salling Software have released Clicker 3! The bluetooth-based software acts as a great remote for iTunes, DVD Player, VLC, iPhoto, Keynote, EyeTV and a host of other programs. In a move guaranteed to please huge numbers of people worldwide this…

  4. Jonas says:

    El Payo: The E398 cannot be supported as it lacks the required “APIs”. I think going forward, more and more phones will include what’s required.

  5. rudolf-m53 says:

    I like it so much!
    Sitting in the wintergarden with friends, then controlling the iTunes running upstairs over the big stereo set, using just my little T610… simply great. Changing volume, skipping some tracks, even changing the playlist, what a REMOTE!

  6. Massimo says:

    Just want to add to the pile: Heck of a program! Nice job! Keep it up! Thanks! :]

  7. Andy says:

    Can you port the salling clicker software to java because my family have a lot of unsupported java phones with bluetooth.

    +it would kick ass If I could use this over gprs, lol

  8. Jonas says:

    Andy: it is available in Java. The thing is, most Java phones don’t have the APIs required. The ones that do, or at least most of them, are listed on the site.

  9. Bruce Moyle says:

    Well done Jonas,

    I am glad to see the few $$ I spend on the first version of the clicker have helped it grow into a beautiful beast. Congrats on version 3.

  10. I think the new version is great, I love the Clicker. Keep up the good work.

  11. Alex Kaiser says:

    Hi Jonas,

    Congratulations ! I’ve just installed Clicker v3.0 and I must admit that you made the soft I was expecting for years ! I have to buy a Palm now to enjoy my new wifi remote to remplace my “old” T68 bluetooth remote.

    I have just one regret… It’s not your fault but Apple’s. It’s impossible to select the Airport Express you want to play music to !

  12. Robert B. Parker says:

    Congrats on v3!

    Just out of curiosity, what software are you using for doing your Blogging???


  13. Matt Fealy says:

    Hey Jonas, been watching you fight back and forth, back and forth with people wanting the 6230 supported and finally it’s here!!! I have been cheking your site religiously for about 6 mths now waiting patiently and as you said in one your own posts “I think the wait will be worthwhile”. Well I almost fell off my chair when I saw 3.0 was released, ran to my wallet grabbed my CC and snatched it up. Love it Love it Love it. I guess now that 6230 is supported the only thing I would love to see is the airport express selection and Front Row compatibility, but take your time, it is great to see a programmer out there that expects so much in himself that he won’t release until it is just right.
    Congrats on the best peice of shareware money can buy!!

  14. Hi Jonas…

    Just want to say thanks for the update. It really does rock and makes me glad I bought the K750i – your software should come out of the box!



  15. Jeff says:

    Great software app, I have a nokia 3650 phone. Please let me know when the update is ready for this phone.

  16. Vedi says:

    Hey dude

    I just impressed a friend of mine with your little app. and there will be many many more in the next weeks. Salling Clicker now stays at my active standby apps. on my 6680. This was worth the money. tomorrow i’m gonna buy the airport express and i will hopefully be totally happy. Thanks again.

  17. Thomas Bonk says:

    Hello Jonas,

    good job! I registered Clicker yesterday and now I can controll my Mac mini (that is attached to a TV set) even headless in order to listen to songs in iTunes.

    Do you plan to develop a Mac client for script development purposes? Something like a device emulator would be cool 🙂


  18. Nick says:

    Hi Jonas!
    Any chance that the client for the Sony Ericsson K700 will be upgraded to be like the one for the K750? Or at least for a client that is quicker to use? It takes an unreasonably long time to scroll through 300 artists on my K700. I have a simple suggestion for making it much faster – make the first menu item go to the next list instead of the previous list, and make the last list roll round to the first list.

  19. Doug Lai says:

    Like it… been using Clicker for a while with a Sony/Ericsson T610… Just switched to a LG-VX8100 bluetooth phone, hoping LGs phones will be supported soon 🙂

  20. Mr Step says:

    Dude. You Rock.

    Best app ever…

  21. Jonas says:

    Nick: The K700 lacks the JSR-82 APIs required for “Bluetooth action”. Your suggestion would make it impossible to “page back”, wouldn’t it? Here’s a tip for “paging forward” more quickly: press up (this will “roll over” to the last item), and select “>>>”.

  22. Manuel says:

    Hi there,
    great deal with Clicker 4 Mac. It works also with O2 XDA mini (old type). Any application works without bugs.

    God we thank you for this tiny prog 😉


  23. Nick says:

    Hi Jonas!

    Thanks for answering so quickly!

    Unfortunately that’s the method I already use to page forward. And in practice it feels way too slow, because it’s 2 (different) actions for each page. As the software stands today, it is much faster and more convenient to page backwards than forwards! Because it is just 1 click for each page-back. It’s a big difference – at least on the K700.

    That in itself is not really a problem – because I don’t mind just paging back all the time instead of forwards. But – and this is a big BUT – I can’t go directly from the first page to the last page. I have to change direction and go (much more slowly) forwards again :o(

    So my BIG wish is to be able to go directly between the first page and last page, in either direction. That should be easy to fix, shouldn’t it?

    My second wish (which is not as essential) is to have “page-forward” at the top of each menu, and “page-back” at the end. It seems more logical.

    That makes it slower to page back of course. But then again, why not use “#” to page back. More complex perhaps, but see it as a optional extra shortcut for power users.


  24. John says:


    I would be interested if you could post a blog entry about how you found cross platform development for clicker on windows.

    If you get the time, and feel the inclination of course

  25. Caius says:

    Well done on 3.0 Jonas!

    And another well done to see you using WordPress 🙂

    Two little bits of ‘software’ that I couldn’t live without!

    Keep up the good work/website

  26. khoker says:

    Amazing app. I can’t help but feel sorry for you for getting it running on Windows, but maybe I’ve just had bad luck with bluetooth and Windows. Perhaps I had the wrong type of blood or my pentagram was too small.

    Unfortunately I’ve got to wait and see what my next phone is before I can purchase … and more unfortunately I might consider this another limiting factor on *which* phone to get … coupled with iSync support, my list of available phones is quickly dwindling.