Waiting for a fix…

Over at Shirt Pocket Watch, my buddy Dave Nanian blogs about a long-standing bug in OS X Tiger that has an unpleasant impact on his SuperDuper! disk cloning product and his customers’ experience:

“This is really frustrating for our users, because things don’t work in a mysterious (and ungrammatical) way. And it’s frustrating for us, because it makes us look bad, incompetent and/or lazy. Honestly, we’re not.”

I have had similar experiences and feel for Dave in this situation. Bugs and shortcomings in software out of our control have the potential of making our products look bad, frustrate customers, and cause quite a lot of otherwise not required support work.

Dave, by the way, is the hardest working indy-developer I know, and I can highly recommend his SuperDuper! to those who need a disk cloning tool. Check it out; it’s good stuff.

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