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Extended coverflow controller

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 7:07 pm    Post subject: Extended coverflow controller Reply with quote

I extended the coverflow script package that was originally posted by Mark Hunte. This is my first complete script that deserves the name, and I have no experience with applescript, so be warned: there will be bugs.

What's new:
There is a menu now that allows to
set the system volume
to quit coverflow
to launch the selected album
to queue the selected album
to sort albums in coverflow by artist / by album
to find an album (when an empty search string is OKed, the search string in the converflow find mask will be cleared)
to toggle full screen

The control of iTunes-volume is no longer active, but replaced by a menu item to set system volume.

The terminal type was changed from keypad to media player.

The remote device now correctly shows album, artist, track and artwork

Because I use it on a SE P910, keypads are probably poorly supported, but the jog dial is.

The way how jog dial up/down and media player left/right work is changed: both browse the album library in Coverflow, and set an internal flag to "browsing". Pressing the jog dial or the "play" button launches the selected album, and the internal mode is set to "not browsing".

When "not browsing", a jog dial press and "play" button toggles play/pause, until you start browing again.

No fast forward or "next track" functionality implemented.

When you want to use the full feature set, you have to change the resources of coverflow (possibly not quite legal), and you'll need the OS X developer package to do so. Navigate into the contents of the coverflow.app bundle, look for resources, and Mainmenu.nib.

Add keyboard shortcuts to 4 menu items:
Album: launch
Album: Queue
View: by Artist
View: by Album

The script assumes that the following keyboard shortcuts are used:
Album: launch : option command L
Album: Queue : option command U
View: by Artist : command R
View: by Album : command B

If you don't have Apple's developer tools installed, but you know how to exchange NIB files in app bundles, I might post the NIB file here as well.

Don't complain about bugs, please - go and improve it.
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