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Media Center

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 3:43 am    Post subject: Media Center Reply with quote

This script allows for full control of MCE 2005 (it might work with other versions, I'm not sure), as well as some added features.
Notably different in this script vs. the previous one is that you [b]do not need a keypad [/b]to use it. Each function (Music, DVD, etc) has 2 screens: "Menu Mode" to navigate & select; and "Player Mode" for controller functions.

This script is not 100% straight forward, so please read these instructions in their entirety...

[u]The [b]keypresses[/b] are as follow:
-More: Press to toggle between "Menu Mode" and "Player Mode"
-More (from Menu Mode): Hold to show general settings, such as screen display, fullscreen, right-mouse click...
-More (from Player Mode): Hold to show more functions
-Center: Hold to return to Main Menu
-Center (from Menu Mode): Press to Select
-Center (from Player Mode): Defined on each screen

Duplicated Functionality:
"0" will bring up Settings menus
"#" Main Menu
"*" Back/Escape
--> I switched things up a little on the Live TV and Radio controllers to allow for numeric inputs on the keypad.

1. Music: I adapted the Windows Media Player Script to suit this script, so you'll see track, artist, etc. on the screen display.
2. DVD: fully functional, incl. aspect, subtitles, languages, etc.
3. TV: Live, Recorded, Search, Guide, Movies
--> Live: Enter stations from keypad or left/right. Also play/pause/rew/ff/record/stop/mute/closed captions
--> Recorded: Play, pause, rewind, ffwd, volume, mute
--> Search: If you have a qwerty keypad, you can search for titles by name (you may need to modify this since most keypads are different).
--> Movies: Displays movies
--> Guide: Browse the TV Guide

4. Radio: Select Stations, Enter stations or presets from keypad or navigational arrows, ff, rew, play, pause, mute, stop.
5. Videos: Play, pause, rewind, ffwd, volume,
6. Pictures: Select pictures, control slideshow

7. Alarm Clock: *YOU WILL NEED TO DOWNLOAD THE ADD-IN FROM MS TO USE THIS* (it's free).This is a pretty sweet extension into MCE, I highly recommend you get it. You can set "sleep" or "alarm" with the option to select a track or playlist at a specific time. Time can be entered with keypad, or up/down. Do a search for "MCAlarmClockSetup.exe" and run the setup.
8. Weather: Another add-in from a 3rd party. Do a search for "mceWeather" by Scendix. Totally worth it.

Extract the files to the "My Clicker Scripts" directory. In clicker, add the item "Media Center Controller" (in the Media Center category).

Given my *LIMITED* experience with Scripting, you may need to edit your installation path in the "MediaCenter Controller" script to show the correct path where you have MCE installed. I've used the default directory: "C://windows//ehome//ehshell.exe". ( You can use control+f to find "install path" to find the path in the Media Center Controller script).

* Also, if you install the Alarm Clock/ Weather, you will need to double-check the directories in these scripts as well.

* Display: You will need Lufton's "monitor off" script installed to control this setting. (I simply added a reference to it in my script.

* Monitor/TV: If you toggle between Monitor/TV, set your displays as follow: Display to Monitor: CNTRL+ALT+F3; Display to TV: CNTRL+ALT+F2.

I'm sure there was probably a much easier way to do this, but it seems to work well for me so far.

Let me know if you have Q's or concerns.




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PostPosted: Sat Aug 09, 2008 8:20 pm    Post subject: Media Player Reply with quote

Would be nice if the Media Players volume control also used the standard Mediacenter volume control, instead of the internal one.
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