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Salling Clicker 3.5; update to Bluetooth/WiFi remote control software for iTunes, PowerPoint, more

Stockholm, Sweden—May 11, 2007—Salling Software AB today announced the immediate availability of Salling Clicker 3.5, a major update to its award-winning two-way remote control software. Salling Clicker allows mobile phones and handheld computers to control popular applications such as PowerPoint and iTunes on Mac and Windows computers. The new version adds innovative new features, support for the very latest handheld devices, and other enhancements.

Salling Clicker's presentation control features give professionals an important edge, whether on the big stage or in a small meeting with clients. At home, Salling Clicker offers rich control of popular media applications such as iTunes, allowing users to search or browse for music to play.

The ingenious "zero-configuration" capability in Salling Clicker 3.5 makes getting connected over WiFi even easier than before. With the new version, Salling Clicker also expands its WiFi connectivity to support smartphones based on the Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems.

"I think the new WiFi features are going to really excite our customers", said Jonas Salling, President and Software Artisan at Salling Software. "WiFi is increasingly common in mobile phones, and it's as easy to use with Salling Clicker as Bluetooth".

Salling Clicker for Windows now works with Windows Vista as well as all major Bluetooth stacks, without any cumbersome configuration! The new version also offers enhanced support for iTunes, PowerPoint, and Windows Mediaplayer.

Salling Clicker for Mac 3.5 includes support for Apple's Front Row, eliminating the need to bring the Apple remote when travelling. In addition, the new version comes with enhanced support for iTunes, PowerPoint, EyeTV, and Keynote.

Salling Clicker's device compatibility list includes units based on Symbian 9 such as the Nokia N95 and Sony Ericsson P990i, and Windows Mobile 6 and 5 devices such as the HTC S710 and Motorola Q, as well as a multitude of other mobile phone models from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and others.

Unlike dedicated hardware remote control devices for computers, Salling Clicker does not require additional chargers or battery purchases. "In fact, Salling Clicker offers unique features such as in-hand access to slide notes, attractive display of album artwork, and powerful browsing features to find music", said Jonas Salling. "And all this at a price lower than most hardware-based solutions".

Pricing & Availability

Salling Clicker 3.5 is available now through Salling Software's web site ( at a price of $23.95 (US) per user license. Upgrades to version 3.5 from previous versions are free. Windows and Mac licenses are sold separately; the bundle can be had at a 25% discount.

Salling Clicker is compatible with over 300 mobile phone and handheld computer models, and requires WiFi or Bluetooth for connectivity. Mac OS X 10.3.9 and Windows XP SP1 or greater (including Windows Vista) are supported. Please see for details.

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Jonas Salling
Salling Software AB
+ 46 8 5250 5150

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